Hi, I’m Deepa Roy Chowdhury. A Mindset coach & NLP Master Practitioner.

My Message

Somewhere along the line, we stop living our lives. It seems as if nothing’s right yet we keep going with it. We don’t feel happy and alive as we used to when we were little kids. The burdens of our past lives, the stress of our present being and the worries about future make us a routine following, living yet not that alive a person.

It’s when life is at this type of juncture, something inside us wants to change it all. But we often fail to understand what it is that we so want to transform yet we are unable to tell what it is exactly! Here comes what we know as our subconscious mind. It runs our lives yet we never spend even a thought on it. All our desires, beliefs, learning, behavioral habitual patterns, literally everything related to our being is there in here- in our minds! And here is where I help you, in understanding your own mind, in communicating with it in the exact manner that will unlock its full potential to take you to a place where you can be joyful. 

Yes, I help you master your subconscious mind to live a life of bliss.

Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.

– Tony Robbins


An Ex-Administrator & Corporate Executive, Deepa has switched her career to be a Coach to help people come out of their miseries. She had witnessed some gruesome periods in her life from where she emerged as a winner using her resilience & attitude of gratitude. That’s what she gives as a gift to all.


As Founder of Value Life Skills, Deepa has developed workshops & programs that transform the lives of men & women, and altered the course of their lives from being confused, fearful and depressed to that of motivated passionate and full of joy. As Life Skills Coach to Students & Mindset Coach to all, she enjoys empowering people.


For Deepa, Leadership is Action, not Position. She believes we all are leaders in making a conscious choice as to how we are going to lead our lives. Instead of living a life we need to lead our lives by taking time to think through our decisions and actions.


Deepa helps people redesign their lives by reprogramming their minds. She does this through her services in form of Corporate Training, Motivational & Keynote Speaking at Schools Colleges, Online Courses and Individual Counselling.

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