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Deepa Roy Chowdhury NLP Master Practitioner Mindset Coach

Deepa Roy Chowdhury is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Mindset Coach. She founded Value Life Skills in 2017. It is a Life Coaching Venture imparting training for a stress-free happy and fulfilled life. With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), Deepa transforms lives by making people master their minds so that they can have abundance of health, success, better relationships, prosperity and happiness in life. An Ex-Administrator, Deepa is now living her dream to heal the world one person at a time. Get in touch with her to get rid of any issue coming from your past, present or future worries. A disease free body and an issue-less mind is your right!


Online Courses

From '5 Day Reset your Life' & '21 Day Life Transformation Course' to Advanced Mind Mastering Programs, we provide all types of online courses to help you live your dream life. Our 'Personal Breakthrough for Holistic Life' Program gives you abundance in health, wealth, success, relationships and happiness! Manifesting your dreams and living to your full potential was never so easy!

Corporate Training

We understand the need of companies to keep mental-emotional well-being of their employees intact. From LEAP & Soft Skills to Emotional Intelligence & Stress Management, we provide all types of corporate training programs. Be it rapport building, boosting productivity, conflict management or creative decision making, your executive needs to be well prepared to take your mission forward.


Depression, OCD, addiction, low confidence, anger, procrastination, habits like nail biting, bed wetting and other such issues need individual counselling. We understand your pains so we facilitate you find solutions for your life problems. Best thing in NLP counselling is you don't have to tell it all. Just answer few general questions & we'll help you come out of your stuck state, usually in only 1-2 sessions!

Keynote Speaking

We don't just motivate, we move your spirit from pain to progress to success. We make students, employees, men, women & everyone else in audience look at their own life through a different lens. You not only hear but see & do what exactly is needed to bring positive changes that can make your life what you want it to be! Our motivational speaking isn't just informative, its transformative!


Corporate Clients

Corporate Executive Training
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Corporate Executive Training

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